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The Power to Make a Difference

In keeping with the message from National Headquarters: As a complement to the programming delivered at the chapter level, the National Programmatic Thrust focuses on initiatives that will equip our members and youth with the power to make a difference in our chapters, communities and in the lives of children around the country. The philosophy we embrace is one of holistic enrichment of our youth and, by extension, our communities.

2020-2021 Jack and Jill Mid-Western Regional Executive Board

The region commits to Living the Jack and Jill Experience, Mission Minded and Dream Driven. As we continue to deliver on our core mission of doing good things for our children and the children in the communities where we live, this theme powerfully shapes and directs our goals for the region and the journey with our Jack and Jill families.

The University of Jack and Jill has successfully reopened and we are expecting record levels of enrollment this Fall! Last year, AWD focused on core classes and curriculum at different levels of complexity depending on the member’s role within the chapter. This year AWD is virtual and will focus on the ELECTIVES! Elective classes play a special role in our pursuit of life-long learning and help us to gain specialty knowledge that can be used to enhance or extend our ability to function in both Jack and Jill and our professional lives.