Vanessa Williams

Regional Director


In 2006, my family and I joined a great village of women in the Ypsilanti Chapter. One of my first committee assignments was to our Special Projects committee, which led a chapter outreach to foster youth. I decided at my first meeting with that committee that I would use Jack and Jill as a vehicle to feed my passion to advocate for and service at-risk youth. Over the years I continued to take on roles within the Ypsilanti Chapter like legislative liaison, financial secretary, vice president and president and various committee chair positions that gave my family an opportunity to work side-by-side in service to our local communities. My prior regional experiences included serving on national committees as regional bylaws chair and regional policies and procedures chair. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve in the Mid-Western Region and for the sisterly love of this mighty consortium of women. The work that we do in our communities and the opportunities that Jack and Jill gives my family to lead and serve are blessings to my life.

Kimberly Dashield-Hill

Regional Treasurer


Gina Jones

Regional Secretary

(Gary Northwest Indiana)

I was five months pregnant with my second child when I was inducted into the Gary Northwest Indiana Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.  As a practicing Attorney at the time, many of my colleagues were already involved in our chapter. Having a professional and organizational link served as a tie that would bind me and my family and my chapter became a village that I would do anything to grow and serve.   I became a servant leader holding almost all of the elected positions at the Chapter level including President, Regional Parliamentarian, and National Bylaws Chair.  There is always a cost: be it time, financial, or sometimes emotional. However watching my children grow with their friends and Jack and Jill family has been priceless and therefore worth every virtual penny.

Paula Ingram-Coleman

Foundation Member at Large


Our twin daughter and son were 2 years old in 2002 when I was initiated into the Indianapolis Chapter. Calyn Ellice and Gregory Lloydon, now 17 year old juniors in high school, are the final two of five children (Christian Dione, Candyce Marie, and Carah Lynne) born into my blessed marriage of 30 years (as of this past September 26th) to my husband and best friend, Gregory Howard Coleman. Together as a family, we made the decision for me to SAY YES to this amazing organization. While we knew that it was a “mother’s organization” we also knew that it would be a collective family effort for me to learn and serve at a level of excellence. I am filled with pride as I recall the leadership journey of our children in the following offices: Chapter Teen Vice President, Foundation Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain and even as Mid-Western Regional Teen Parliamentarian; and my own leadership journey serving as standing committee Chair, Ad-Hoc Chair, Lead Teen Advisor and on to being elected to serve as Indianapolis Chapter Board-At-Large Member and as a two-term Chapter President. During my four years as Chapter President my husband served dutifully as the Indianapolis Chapter Father’s Auxiliary Chair. The fellowship and love of the mothers, fathers, teens, tweens and children in this organization are the reason why I continue to lead and serve regionally and nationally. Most recently as the Immediate Past National Membership Committee Co-Chair and now currently as the Mid-Western Region Foundation Member At Large. My family and I have truly come to love Jack and Jill of America, Inc.